Zak’s Story

Lost over a stone in a month

Starting weight: 97.1kg

Current weight: 89kg

Zak lost over 8Kg in just 2 months and you can too with the AI Keto Diet



You have probably heard of the Keto diet used by celebrities including Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. The Keto diet is a low carb, high fat diet similar to Atkins and known to give fast weight loss results.

Taking all the best bits of the Keto diet and using AI we have created the AI Keto Diet.

The AI Keto Diet is a high protein ketogenic diet which uses AI to create the ideal diet plan, tailored to the individual.

What do you get?

We have taken all aspects of the Keto diet and improved it for sustained long term weight loss. (a major flaw with the standard Keto diet).

Daily Keto meal plan

Meals tailored to your taste

Optimised for weight loss

Swap meals you don’t like

Rate your favourite meals

Do I need to exercise?

The Keto diet works well without exercise but even better with exercise added. Do you think celebrities like Kim Kardashian do not add exercise?

We have added a 16-minute HIIT exercise program which you can do at your own level. You can record your reps and try to beat your previous scores. It is fun and you can track your progress in charts.

It is the perfect companion to the Keto diet – quick, simple and effective.

Get the following benefits:

Improved fitness

Weight Loss

Increased cardiovascular ability

Improved lung function

Improved body composition

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Finish in just 16 minutes

Is Keto right for me?

If you are looking to lose weight then Keto is definitely for you. In fact this diet works well for both men and women.

Why choose this Keto diet?

It is well known that the Keto diet works well for weight loss. Just look around online and you will quickly find lots of people talking about how great it is. What we have done is improved the original concept and taken away the confusion of what is and isn’t Keto.

Our system will select all the meals you need every day. It will learn your taste preferences and hand pick tailored meals for you.

We have also improved on Keto by using AI to choose meals that improve nutritional deficiencies which in turn further boost weight loss.

Combined with our 16-minute exercise program – you have the best of both worlds.

Click the image below to start your Keto journey.


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