Finding out what causes weight gain and understanding the root cause is the key to losing weight fast and effectively.

In simple terms, a person gains weight due to consuming more calories than they will burn throughout a day.

This can be isolated to two sources:

1) Eating too much food
2) Eating the wrong foods

Looking through a wide range of information regarding diet and weight gain, it became obvious that something was missing from the mix.

Our belief is that we have found the missing key, the holy grail if you like in terms of weight loss.

This has lead to a very interesting hypothesis:

Most people who are overweight are actually starving to death!

That is obviously a very controversial statement but the reason we came to that conclusion is the following:

1) 90% of the world’s population are deficient in a combination of minerals and vitamins
2) This causes the body to produce hunger and desire to eat any foods which contain the nutrition the body actually requires

So what was needed was a system to identify which minerals, proteins and vitamins and nutrition a person requires and eat more of the foods which provided these.

Following testing, it was clear to see that people who addressed the imbalance were less hungry and less attracted to the wrong foods.

They all went on to lose weight easily and efficiently.

The AI Diet we have created is different to anything else we have seen in that it addresses nutritional deficiencies.

This leads to fast and efficient weight loss and is a significant change in direction of other diet systems.


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