One of the most common problems people experience while trying to lose weight are food cravings.

Ever experienced the frustration of trying to stick to a diet while constantly hungry or craving specific food? They can be very powerful and even the most strong-willed people can succumb to the cravings.

People overweight often eat too much and regularly complain they crave comfort foods such as cakes, chocolate, burgers, and crisps.

This is the number 1 reason people do not stick to a diet.

The following are all connected:


Addition to sugar

Food cravings


Low energy

They are all caused or impacted by nutritional decencies. Calcium deficiency as one example can lead to the body leeching calcium from bones to keep the body running if the correct amount is missing from the diet.

It can cause fatigue, depression, skin, and dental problems. In this case what we discovered is that the body would crave calcium, and this would set off food cravings. This is important because the food cravings would keep coming back until food was consumed which had high calcium.

The point is that to fix the food cravings and person needs to address any nutritional deficiencies. Once this is done, they have less cravings not only for food but also for sugar, alcohol, and drugs. Energy levels would increase, and depression would improve, and overall total health improved.


Try our diet plan which has been created using AI (Artificial Intelligence) with the prime goal of balancing nutritional deficiencies so fat loss can be activated and to eliminate food cravings.

We provide all the meals you need, and each meal is selected to be nutritional rich, so your body gets everything it needs each day.

Our diet plan works out the calories needed each day and starts working straight away to address the nutritional problem.

Many deficiencies are correctly very quickly but some take weeks or months for levels to build back up.

But you will notice a change in how you feel in the first week. Weight loss becomes very easy with our system and make no mistake – diet is king for weight loss.

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