There are many diet plans out there including more common ones such as plant based diets, Atkins, Paleo, low-carb / low-fat and the Mediterranean diet.

They all offer a different angle, and it can be very confusing to decide which one to use. What is the best diet for weight loss?

Our aim was to take the confusion away and offer something truly unique, flexible, and adaptive but at the same time incredibly effective. To begin with we isolated the main issues with all the current diet systems.


Too restrictive

Not tailed to the Individual


Unrealistic in the long term

Fat loss too slow

We wanted to handle all these things and do the heavy lifting, so that people can easily lose weight without having to think about everything do they. The result was our unique and revolutionary weight loss diet plan powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence).


A huge effort has been put into finding out what is the ideal environment required for the body to lose fat. We discovered that nutritional levels were out of balance in most people, and once that was corrected, they quickly began to lose weight.

We refined the exact levels for both men and women and created 2 unique formulas which we apply to our diet plan.

To add to that we use AI to determine meals a user will enjoy eating and have over 500 healthy low calories meals in our system. We are creating more all the time. The diet plans are completely unique and tailed to that individual.

It works out the exact nutrition each person needs over an 8-day period for weight loss including calories. The system adjusts and adapts the diet plan each 8 days depending on long term and short-term nutritional needs and user preferences.

Nutritionally optimised for weight loss

Diet plans are tailed to each individual

Meals are selected by AI to match a person’s tastes

The diet plan is constantly adapting and improving

Users can replace meals they do not like

The diet plan is simple to follow

With over 500 recipes it never gets boring


You can try our diet system free for 8 days. You will quickly notice you feel better and are getting less hungry and generally eating less. We have taken the effort out of weight loss. Sign up here and start seeing the benefits today.

We have also included a FREE 16 minute a day exercise training program which you can use.

To use our exercise plan all you need to do is register. It is completely free and requires no credit card details, just 5 minutes of your time to fill in the simple registration form.


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