How does it work?

Our system works on the basis that fat loss occurs when nutritional deficiencies and imbalances are corrected.

We have worked tirelessly to identify which vitamins and minerals are the most important and the exact levels required to activate fat loss and aid health.

We have incorporated all of this data into an AI (Artificial Intelligence) computer platform which uses an algorithm to hand pick meals daily.

AI identifies meals to balance nutrition

Once nutrition is corrected fat loss begins

AI learns which meals a user prefers

AI continuously adapts and selects new meals

What do you get?

Meals are generated for the first 5 days as fish based, this is followed by 2 days where meat can be consumed and finally 1 day vegetation.

8 days meal plans

Optimised nutrition using AI to select meals

Request new meals in real time

Rate your favorite meals


Our diet offers numerous benefits over other diet systems and weight loss programs.

Fast weight loss

Binge eating drastically decreased

Food cravings reduced

Improvement in sleep patterns

Improved health

General overall improvement in your well-being


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