Zak’s Story

Lost over a stone in a month

Starting weight: 97.1kg

Current weight: 89kg

Zak lost over 8Kg in just 2 months and you can too with the AI Keto Diet



Important Notice: Currently we are reworking out AI Keto Diet Plan and the service is offline. The reason we are doing this is because we found some key issues on the nutritional side. It is important we get the balance just right as our aim is to create Keto which is easy to follow and creates sustainable weight loss.

Before you leave, please consider our original AI Weight Loss Plan.

The AI Weight Loss Diet is a revolutionary in the world of weight loss because it plugs nutritional gaps in a diet which in turn reduce food cravings. It allows the body the correct environment to lose fat and is based around total health.

It is completely different to Keto but in some ways even better and more suited to some people.

Let’s say you for example you were not getting enough calcium in your diet, well that could cause serious issues with weight loss. The diet handles that by looking at full nutrition for each day and following weeks and plugs the nutritional gaps.

The end result is easy to obtain weight loss without all the pain.

What do you get?

A diet built around health for sustained long term weight loss which will enable you to get the results in your own time. You diet literally will change your eating habits which is the key – the magic bullet.

8 days meal plans

Optimised for weight loss

Swap meals you don’t like

Rate your favourite meals

Do i get the excercise plan?

Yes of course, we have included the full exercise routine which you have do at your own level and what’s more, you only need to exercise for 16 minutes a day.

You can record your reps and try to beat your previous scores. It is fun and you can track your progress in charts.

It is the perfect companion to the AI Weight Loss Diet– quick, simple and effective.

Get the following benefits:

Improved fitness

Weight Loss

Increased cardiovascular ability

Improved lung function

Improved body composition

Increased muscle strength and flexibility

Finish in just 16 minutes

What are you waiting for?

Time to make the change today and start a new journey. If you wait, tomorrow becomes next week, next month and before you know it life has passed you by.

You live once and deserve the best. Lose weight, get healthy and start living.

Click the image below to start your weight loss journey.


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