Nutrition is the key to weight loss. That is what we have discovered and more importantly a little research shows how many people are not getting the correct nutrition. We are not just talking about a good balance of protein, fats and carbohydrates.

Vitamins and mineral content need to be in the correct balance along with amino acids. The body requires some nutrition from the diet daily as it cannot make its own and this is true for Vitamin C and Calcium.

Nutritional deficiencies appear to lead to the following:

1) Increased hunger
2) Body holding on to fat

The reason behind this appears to be that the body is attempting to increase the deficiency by increasing hunger in an attempt to balance.

The more food eaten the more chance that nutrition required is consumed.

As fat can be used by the body for energy, the body then holds on to fat as a kind of survival instinct if nutrition deficiency is present.

Survival mode similar to starvation kicks in to hold onto fat.

The first thing a good diet plan should include is to address these deficiencies. There are many weight loss programs available but what we have created is a system which can handle these issues.

Our AI Weight Loss Program will create meal plans that are low in calories but also increase the levels of nutrition. This allows the body to re-balance and enable fat loss to begin. The hunger will subside leading to fast weight loss.


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