Nutrition is the key to weight loss. That is a bold statement but one we have come to accept. You would be surprised to realise how many people are not getting adequate nutrition. This is a worldwide problem and not just located in third world countries, in fact a good percentage of the western population are deficient in some way.

According to The British Nutrition Foundation, poor diet was responsible for 11 million deaths worldwide in 2017. Let that sink in for a minute, 11 million deaths.

There are many diseases connected to nutritional deficiency including Beriberi, Xerophthalmia, Rickets, Pellagra and Scurvy. In fact, many sources have connected to cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Nutrition is at the core of all human health and helps the body create the energy needed for life to thrive.

So how does this relate to weight loss?

The reason for this is that when the body is deficient in nutrients it will do 2 things:

Crave food

Hold on to fat

As the body is desperate to balance the nutritional deficiency, food cravings are created in order to plug the gap. The body also holds onto fat as it is technically in a kind of starvation mode.

The key to weight loss is optimal nutrition. This really is the magic bullet.


You just need to eat the foods which contain the missing nutrients and like magic everything starts to resolve. The body starts to lose fat cells and food cravings subside; weight loss soon follows.

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