Sleep and Weight Loss

How Your Sleep Pattern Can Affect Your Weight Loss

If you’re wondering why your diet and exercise aren’t taking effect as quickly as you would like, you might want to factor in your sleep. A healthy sleep pattern can be just as important to weight loss and diet as calorie intake and physical activity.

Most healthy adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep per night to function at their best. It is recommended to get the same amount of sleep each night, which will help balance the circadian rhythm cycle (internal body clock). To put it simply, you need to get into good habits and stick to them, much the same as an exercise regime or diet plan.

Effects of Sleep Pattern on Weight Loss and Diet

Your sleep pattern affects your weight loss and diet. Many people aren’t getting enough sleep, and this is often the missing link when they’re trying to lose weight. It’s important to have a healthy sleep pattern as well as doing exercise and counting calories. Here are some of the effects of your sleep pattern on weight loss and diet.

Lack of sleep can increase your appetite

Here’s the scientific explanation. Sleep has an impact on your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is released before you eat, and leptin tells your brain when you’re full. If you don’t get adequate sleep, your body produces more ghrelin and suppresses the release of leptin, thus increasing your appetite.

Sleep deprivation also dulls the activity of the frontal lobe in your brain. This affects your levels of self-control. Reduced frontal lobe activity combined with grogginess makes you more likely to give in to cravings, not to mention your increased appetite.

Lack of sleep can decrease your metabolism

Sleep deprivation can decrease your resting metabolism. This is calculated by the number of calories burned when you are resting. Poor sleep also results in muscle loss. Muscle burns more calories resting than fat does, which means you’ll burn fewer calories after losing muscle due to a lack of sleep.

Healthy sleep enhances physical activity

A healthy sleep pattern, on the other hand, can boost your energy, and motivate you to do more physical activity. You are also more likely to get the most out of exercise, work harder, and burn more calories. This will greatly improve weight loss.

Exercise and sleep can also work hand in hand to boost weight loss and improve your health. Proper exercise helps you sleep. We recommend that after exercising, there is a gap of at least 3 hours before you go to bed. Try to get to sleep no later than 10.00pm as this allows you time to relax in the evening and will put you in the right mind set to go to bed. Staying up late can often lead to insomnia as you might go past the point of exhaustion which can keep you awake.

Healthy sleep helps prevent insulin resistance

A lack of sleep can cause the cells in your body to become insulin resistant. This means more sugar remains in your bloodstream and causes your body to produce extra insulin. This is one of the main causes of type 2 diabetes and obesity. The increased levels of insulin tell your body to store more energy as fat.

How can nutrition improve sleep?

Your diet, sleep pattern and energy levels are all connected. If one of them is out of sync then it can cause a vicious cycle of fatigue, imbalanced hormones, and weight fluctuations. If you don’t maintain a balance in your nutrition, then it could affect your entire sleep pattern.

A healthy diet can help to improve your sleep routine, which in turn can boost your weight loss and exercise levels. All aspects work together, nutrition, sleep and exercise. Proper nutrition can help you get to sleep and sleep well. This will help you return to a healthy appetite and give you the energy you need for your exercise regime.

What does a healthy “sleep diet” consist of?

In general, it’s good to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. A healthy “sleep diet” also means controlling portion size and limiting processed foods, sugars, and other stimulants. It’s best to avoid caffeine later in the day, as it can have an effect on your sleep for about six hours.

Foods that can disrupt your sleep pattern include those which have a high content of sugar, processed food and carbohydrates. Sugary food cause rapid changes to your blood glucose levels which in turn can have a negative effect on sleep patterns.  

What time of day is best to eat?

The old reliable of little and often and eating earlier the day is a good rule of thumb. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you are continually hydrated, then wind down before bedtime. Don’t go to bed hungry, but don’t have a huge dinner late. Eat something lighter during the evenings.

Always plan a proper sleep pattern into part of your healthy routine. It’s vital for your hormonal balance and to help with weight loss. Your own individual nutrition is key to the success of your diet, and your sleep pattern will improve as well.

How to improve on nutrition to aid sleep?

Our AI Weight Loss Diet focuses on correcting imbalances and nutritional deficiencies. Your personalised weight loss and diet program will help return your sleep pattern to normal. You’ll notice fast weight loss, reduced craving, and improved overall health and wellbeing.

We have created a unique weight loss system which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to create personalised meal plans. The focus of our system is correcting nutritional deficiencies as we have discovered this is the key to weight loss and is something which has been overlooked by other diet systems. During our research we have identified key nutrients which need to be balanced to aid weight loss and to boost health and wellbeing. Calcium and magnesium are especially important for a healthy sleep pattern and our system will boost these nutrients as well as many others often overlooked.

The AI technology identifies the correct meals and continues to learn and adapt to your dietary requirements and preferences. This means you get optimised nutrition every time and a fast track to balance and weight loss. It’s time to tackle food cravings and sleep problems now and get ready for a healthy new regime.

If you would like to learn more about how AI Weight Loss Diet can activate weight loss and help create a better you, start your journey today.


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