Weight Loss Meals – Can AI Create The Perfect Diet Plan?

Weight loss is something that is unique to every one of us. We all have different bodies that work a little differently, some of us with faster metabolisms than others and our lifestyles vary. Maybe you have tried other diets without success, or you have spent hours in the gym with little change on the scales. It can be frustrating but there is always a reason why things are not working well and isolating that should be your primary goal. Once you have a better understanding you will finally be able to make the correct changes needed and get the results you deserve.

What Causes Weight Gain?

There are a lot of factors that can cause weight gain, and this is not just necessarily all to do with food. We are all different, and so our weight gain could be brought on by certain medical conditions, a low-performing metabolism, or simply genetics. With all that said, if you were going to take one thing aside as the most important factor when trying to lose weight, then diet will always be the answer.

The simple fact is you need to consume less calories than you use throughout each day to lose weight. At the same time, if you consume more calories than you use then that will be converted to fat and you will gain weight. A small change over time can have amazing results but most people don’t understand how to make these changes and how much nutrition plays a role. You might think you are eating healthily but as an example, not consuming enough calcium.

This would lead to health problems over time and as your body craves calcium you may find that you suddenly have food cravings. We believe the mechanism behind the food cravings is the body’s attempt to fix the nutritional imbalance which in this example is calcium, however the problem is that you will crave all foods and not necessarily the ones which contain calcium. Often, you will snack on the wrong foods which spike blood sugar levels and are high in calories and the deficiency often continues.

What results is a vicious circle of overeating and eating the wrong foods, low energy levels and potential health issues which can build up over time.

How AI Weight Loss Diet Can Help

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard of new emerging technologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Computer learning is no longer a thing of the future, it is here with us today and has many benefits both positive and negative. Nutrition is a complex subject where we are always learning new things and weight loss is an industry which has tried every kind of fad diet you can think of, some with more success than others. With careful research we have identified some key vitamins and minerals which are important to aid weight loss, which when paired with a calorie-controlled diet plan, is a highly effective method to lose weight. It was a no brainer to then put this together with AI and create something totally unique in the health and fitness industry.

The AI helps pick meals that balance nutrition which in turn reduces food cravings and will create a diet plan unique to each individual. No two people will get the same meals each day and the AI will even try to choose the meals it believes that individual will find enjoyable and tasty. Every 8 days the AI creates a new meal plan which is adapted to be more effective for weight loss and is continually learning about you.

The Benefits of a Tailored Diet

Our bodies are extraordinarily complex and require a vast amount of energy to run efficiently which is converted primarily from the food we eat. It takes years of study to try to understand how everything works together in synergy and the correct proportion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates we need without complicating things further by adding vitamins and minerals to the mix.

This stuff is complicated, and you will have to work out the calories you need each day and cut them down just enough to lose weight and not create health issues. This is where the benefits of a tailored diet can really help, giving you time to work on exercise and freeing up valuable time for relaxing and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Our system creates a tailored diet which is unique for every individual and is dynamic and adaptive while giving the options to change meals in real time. It has been created to provide all the nutrition you would need each day, in the correct amounts, along with the calorie limits you require to lose weight. It should aid in reducing snacking on the wrong foods, overeating due to food cravings and even poor sleep patterns.

Why Exercising is Still Important

While it is much easier to reduce your calorie intake than use exercise to burn off those extra pounds, exercise is still particularly important to health and weight loss. Something magical happens when you add an exercise program into a weight loss plan, naturally many people become more attracted to healthier food choices. Think about it, would you grab some fish and chips after running 3 miles or are you more likely to have a banana, followed by some baked cod and vegetables?

Weightlifting helps to build muscle mass which helps the body burn more calories throughout the day and cardio training such as running, skipping and circuit training gives a unique natural high. You will feel better and in turn, make better choices when eating, and it can increase your concentration levels which will help you get things done and ultimately reduce stress.

It can be hard at first to get into the rhythm of exercising but once you get going the benefits are countless and you will wonder how you lived so long without it.

Try AI for Weight Loss

Technology and weight loss together, what is there not to like? Our system is totally unique, it’s the only one in the world using our specific formula for nutrition and has had some incredible results. Check out Zak’s story to see the benefits for yourself (Zak lost over a stone in one month). We are so confident it will work, we are giving away a free 8 day trial (for a limited time) so you can see for yourself. So why not give it a go and see how easy it is to get the body you have always craved – you have nothing to lose.


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