Best Exercise to Burn Fat

Best Exercise to Burn Fat

What is the best exercise to burn fat? How do we reveal those phenomenal abs and bulging biceps?

The amount of fat that you burn from an exercise is dependent on how many calories you expend. Burning calories increases the chances of a caloric deficit. This will allow fat loss to occur.

The only exception is a gym-noobie who has never performed resistance training. In this case, the stimulus from lifting weights will alter your body shape in the first weeks of training. By allowing you to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously.

Aside from expending calories, burning fat is about being physically active. The “best exercise” will not give you the six-pack of your dreams if you only perform it once a week. So finding an exercise that is enjoyable is important to find what the best exercise to burn fat is. It must be sustainable for your lifestyle so that you can be active on a regular basis.

Here are some popular exercises that can help you burn fat:

· Resistance training

· Walking

· Running


Resistance Training

This is becoming increasingly popular as a form of exercise that can help you burn fat and build muscle. But what makes resistance training so effective?

Compound resistance exercises can help you burn lots of calories. Exercises in the gym such as barbell squats, bench press, and deadlift need you to use many muscle groups. Expending calories from resistance training can lead to the caloric deficit and fat loss.

Resistance training can also produce an illusion effect on the body. For example, increasing the width of your shoulders will make your waist look smaller. This will give your body more of a “V” shape. Fat loss may not always occur from resistance training. Yet, having more muscle will give the impression that you are leaner than you are.

 A Gym-noobie will build muscle and lose fat when doing resistance training for the first time. New stimuli from lifting weights will force the body to adapt and change.


This is one of the most low-intensity exercises that you can do. How can it burn fat? The beauty of walking is due to its low-intensity nature.

It is no surprise that counting steps has become a popular trend for fat loss. Your total daily steps are a fantastic indicator of how active you are on a daily basis. If you live a sedentary lifestyle you will have a very low step count. This means you have burned a minimal number of calories, as you have been inactive.

In contrast, a high step count portrays an active lifestyle. So you will burn more calories and fat.

Walking is an effective exercise for fat loss as it’s easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. By walking more you will burn more calories throughout the day. You can do this in the following situations:

· Walking to the shops rather than taking the car

· Taking the stairs instead of the elevator

· Parking your car further away from your destination

· Working in a job which requires high levels of physical activity (i.e. policeman, sports coach, etc)

Furthermore, walking can be done by anyone regardless of your fitness level. This makes it a great exercise to burn fat for obese individuals. They can burn calories and fat without too much strain on their body.


Depending on how fast you run and for how long, running can burn lots of calories. This can lead to fat loss.

Running can be a fun way of exercising as there is a competitive aspect. It wasn’t too long ago people were nominating each other to complete a 5k run. The element of fun is vital when trying to burn fat and lose weight. It takes consistent physical activity for fat loss to occur.

Trying to beat your previous running time or get a better score than your friends can motivate you.

There are also other ways to make running more enjoyable. Such as listening to music, audiobooks, or running with a partner. All of which can help you forget about any discomfort, tiredness, or fatigue.

Interval training with sprints can be particularly effective in burning fat. Short rest times and sprinting at your maximum will force your body to work at a higher intensity.

In contrast to low-intensity workouts such as the 5k run or jogging around the park for an hour. Sprint workouts will take less time to complete. So it may be suitable for individuals who work long hours or have many family commitments. The 15-20 minutes they spend sprinting is enough time to expend calories and burn fat.


High-Intensity Interval Training can also be effective for burning fat. Like sprint training, it includes a period of work followed by rest. The work to rest ratio can change to make each workout easier or more difficult.

Most exercises in a HIIT session are dynamic and explosive. Some workouts may include star jumps, burpees, and mountain climbers. On one hand, these exercises are brilliant for burning fat as they expend lots of calories. So for fit individuals, this form of exercise can further speed up fat loss.

Yet, due to the difficulty of performing some exercises, it may not be a suitable option for those who are less fit. For example, obese or elderly individuals will not be able to perform these exercises. So they would have no choice but do a different form of exercise.

HIIT definitely provides lots of “bang for your buck”. You can burn fat from short workouts. So, HIIT definitely has the potential to be the best exercise for fat loss.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, there is no “one size fits” all for the best exercise to burn fat. There are definitely exercises that burn more calories than others. For example, you will burn more fat from an hour-long run compared to an hour-long walk. Still, if you hate running you will struggle to do this exercise consistently.

The most important factor in burning fat is physical activity. So you need to undertake exercises that are enjoyable for you. Regular exercise will help you burn fat and expend calories. This will lead to a calorific deficit and fat loss.

To conclude, the best exercise to burn fat is the one you can perform consistently but as with all weight loss programs it is important to combine a good diet. Try our AI Weight Loss Diet Plan for your meals and currently we are adding a free 16-minute HIIT exercise challenge for free when you sign up.


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