I have tried diets before and have not been able to lose weight. Why would this diet be so different?

Our research points to the body holding onto fat cells as a form of energy due to a lack of nutrition. The human body is a complex organism and has many functions which are impaired if a person has nutritional deficiencies, this leads to hunger as the body is desperate to rebalance the levels required. If the food consumed is still low in the nutrition the body requires it will crave further food. This leads to consuming too many calories and putting on weight.

We found that nearly everyone has some sort of nutritional deficiency.

The AI Weight Loss Diet is completely unique in the world of weight loss as we are the only diet which works to balance all nutritional levels to our unique formula. We do this while creating a small calorie deficit every day, and once nutritional levels are balanced – fast fat loss is activated.

This is the game changer you have been waiting for.


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