To lose weight and reduce fat, the fastest way will always require a change in diet. No amount of exercise will outrun a poor diet and the calories burned from exercise for the most part are fairly small.

On the other hand, exercise can be a good addition to a weight loss program and is ideal for shaping the body. It will make you feel amazing and an interesting thing tends to happen that we have noticed. People who start adding exercise into the mix also begin to eat better. This is not just due to a need to replace lost energy but there appears to be some kind of mechanism inside the body which attracts the person towards more nutritional rich food.

Something else which is often overlooked is the fact that exercise uses up a lot of energy. This energy is used during a gym session, which requires recovery time to replenish. This leads to a gap in which the person does not eat and in a way is a kind of fasting. Going to the gym in the morning means eating breakfast later or moving straight onto lunch. In the evening it means getting home too late to cook a big dinner and with energy low some people might just have a snack.

In truth, we believe that exercise alone does not play that much of a role in weight loss at all but the effect of the exercise certainly does in less calories consumed and better nutrition. Think about it.

Exercise makes people eat better
It can also lead to less food eaten

We would recommend a combination of cardiovascular and weight lifting exercises for the best results. The following are a list of our favorite exercises for weight loss.

Boxing is one of the best ways to burn calories and a recent study had boxing as the number one exercise for calorie burn. Not to mention that boxing is also one of the most enjoyable gym sessions a person can do. It is like being chased by a lion into a forest and that adrenaline alone helps to burn calories.

Boxing trainers are also some of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to fast weight loss as boxers must make their weight class. Boxing has built up a reputation in the past for being a sport more suitable for men but nothing could be further from the truth. Some boxing gyms these days have more women than men as the speed of the weight loss around boxing is becoming clear for all to see.

Recent research has found that boxing can burn around 800 calories per hour.

A study by the American Council on Exercise, or ACE has found that kettlebell exercises can burn over 20 calories per minute. That is a whopping 1,200 calories an hour which is pretty much unheard of in the fitness industry.
There are similar studies which point to the same calorie burn but most don’t give specifics such as the weight of the kettlebell or the consistency of the exercise and exactly what exercises were performed.

There is a massive difference doing kettlebell swings with a 24k kettlebell compared to a 4k kettlebell. Anybody who has done kettlebell swings or snatches will tell you that it is very hard to do these exercises for more than a minute continually.

Either way, we highly recommend kettlebell workouts as they provide something very rare in that they give a good cardiovascular workout combined with weight bearing and muscle stretching benefits. What is not to love?

Nothing beats going outside and going on a run when it comes to complete freedom and to escape from the stress of today’s living. Running works the heart and lungs like no other exercise and gives a unique runners high which has numerous benefits for mental well being.

The most important thing is that running is free and can be done anywhere and will burn around 100 calories per mile. A 5k run will burn around 300 calories and is perfect to bring into a weight loss program.

We recommend running every other day and to be careful not to run too far to begin with as some people are sensitive to the constant pounding on the ground and may suffer injuries. Take it slow and build up gradually and make sure you get fitted with a professional pair of running shoes (we recommend Saucony or Brooks).

Another exercise worth mentioning is cycling which is another fantastic cardiovascular workout. It also is almost virtually zero weight bearing and so is excellent for people who have tried running but have problems with injuries.

Cycling can burn about 500 to 600 calories on a 10mile bike ride at a normal traveling speed. Most gyms these days have dedicated spinning classes using state of the art indoor cycling machines which are designed to burn calories and fat at the most effective methods.

Exercise seem like too much effort?

Try our AI Weight Loss Diet to begin with and concentrate on getting nutrition correct before anything else. It’s much easier to change a few foods to reduce your calories by a few hundred each day than spend hours in the gym.

When it comes to weight loss – DIET IS THE KING.


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