Losing belly fat is one of the hardest things to achieve especially for men. There are several elements why this is the case and it can become very confusing as to the reason why.

To simplify and make it easier to understand, we have narrowed it down to:

1) Alpha Fat Cells
2) Beta Fat Cells

Alpha cells tend to respond faster to weight loss, whereas beta cells can be stubborn and it is hard to lose fat in these areas.

For men, that usually means the belly and for women, beta cells are usually found in the hips and thighs.

What this ultimately means is that usually the belly is the last place to lose fat and can actually look bigger as fat is lost from other places.

The key to this is Patience

It is likely to be 3 months after starting a weight loss program that you will begin losing weight from the belly.

It can look bad because you will have lost weight from elsewhere giving an unnatural shape.

The important thing here is to persevere. It can help to add some weight lifting into the mix at this point as the increase in muscle mass can start to build as the belly starts to shrink giving a better overall shape.

There is some evidence that low magnesium may play a part in the body holding onto belly fat.

The good news is we got you covered as our revolutionary AI diet has algorithms to balance the nutritional levels of magnesium and other key elements for fast and efficient weight loss.



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