Weight Loss Meal Planner

So many diet systems fail for a variety of reasons and we have carefully looked at all the reasons why.

The result is our new AI (Artificial Intelligence) Diet Meal Plans are created daily to address the nutritional needs which lead to weight loss.

The diet is broken down into 3 stages across 8 days.

1) The first 5 days no meat is consumed and the main source of protein is fish
2) The next 2 days the meals can include meat
3) On the final day the diet only includes vegetarian or vegan meals

To begin, the system will ask some simple questions which it uses to select meals specific to that person.

This leads to a unique set of meals generated that cover the following:

1) Foods the user enjoys to eat
2) Foods which address nutritional deficiencies
3) Calorie limit per day

The system is designed to make people stop overeating and provide rapid weight loss.

Meals are simple with minimal ingredients
The AI chooses meals a user prefers
Meals can be changed if needed
Meals can be user rated

You will notice a change in weight and general well being within just a few weeks.
If in the past you have tried other weight loss programs you will benefit from this very new approach and the results which follow.

The proof is in the pudding.

Sign up today and start a new chapter in your life.


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